Vranjes 2020 Handball (Size. 2)

Vranjes 2020 handball Str. 2
The popular Vranjes handball has now been introduced in the all-new 2020 model and it comes with a new design.
Vranjes V20 is available in 6 different colors. The Vranjes ball is in its own class and you get a handball with unique playing characteristics.
From the outset, the focus has been on the bounce of the ball as well as the flight through the air. Vranjes 2020 is absolutely a top-class handball, which is suitable for both beginners and the professional handball players.
Vranjes V20 is hand stitched and comply with all IHF specifications. A special feature of the Vranjes handball is the excellent grip with and without resin. It is a ball in its own league.

Colors: Yellow - Red - Pink - Gray - Green - Navy
Material: Microfiber polyurethane with embossed Vranjes logo
Brand: Vranjes   
Model: 7202013   
Product No: vra27381

Estimated delivery time: 2-12 business days

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